Community involvement and giving back

Expanding college access to positively impact the local community

Walker College Consultants is committed to offering our expertise, guidance, and support to students and families as they prepare for college, apply to schools and for financial aid, enroll, and eventually graduate. But we understand that access to college is not distributed equally across the country and often leaves low-income, first-generation college, and students from underrepresented backgrounds out in the cold.


That’s why every year we volunteer our services at a variety of local events and for local organizations serving high school-aged students and their families. We were founded in an effort to expand college access in Las Vegas, and that remains our commitment, whether it is through private consulting or our pro bono work.

Walker College Consultants has recently offered free advising, workshops, and more to the following schools and organizations: Desert Pines High School, Asian Community Development Council, Clark County Library District, Academica Schools, Leaders in Training, AFS Faces of America, Local College Fairs, and Southern Nevada College Week.

Walker College Consultants

Gives Back

at schools, organizations, and events in Las Vegas and beyond

Presentations, Workshops, & Public Speaking

Walker College Consultants is highly sought after to offer free presentations and workshops for community organizations and schools without college access programs.

One-on-One Counseling

Our expert advisors have volunteered one-on-one expert college advising in partnership with Leaders in Training, a nonprofit that supports east Las Vegas students to become the first in their family to graduate from college.

Study Abroad Placement

Working with AFS Faces of America, Walker College Consultants participated in study abroad placement in the Las Vegas area, working to ensure that study abroad opportunities are made available to all communities.

Local College Fairs

Walker College Consultants regularly participates in local and regional college fairs, including Southern Nevada College Week.

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