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Full-scope college admissions advising, including ACT/SAT bootcamp, interview prep, essay support, FAFSA/CSS profile assistance, and more.
Our most common advising package, choose this option for in-depth oversight and direction over the standard items in the typical college application package.

This package includes the majority of our advising services, such as test and essay prep, but is geared towards students applying to schools in the region.

The path to college starts with YOU

The college admissions process can be a long and complicated adventure. Many families find the process frustrating, and high school counselors often struggle to keep students aware of all of the opportunities available to them. That’s why Las Vegas families choose Walker College Consultants to help them navigate the college admissions process.

If it wasn’t for Herbie, I would not be attending Marquette University. Walker has many connections with people and colleges and he will not hesitate to reach out. I was able to receive more scholarship and grant money by speaking to some of his college connections.


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    Other services

    With our Underclassmen Services, we work with students in grade 6-11 to determine academic goals and to outline the roadmap towards achieving them. Depending on the age, Walker College Consultants can advise students and families about academic progress, appraise performance, and even help families apply to private schools.

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    Thanks to financial aid, college is usually more affordable than families might think. But navigating FAFSA and other aspects of the collegiate financial aide system can be difficult. Walker College Consultants is here to help!

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    Walker College Consultants holds regular one-day college admissions bootcamps for students in the Las Vegas area. Our bootcamps cover a variety of admissions topics, including as test prep, essay writing, and applying for financial aid. Our camps run throughout the year, so click below to check out upcoming bootcamps and topics covered.

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    If you are part of an organization that would like to offer families & students more in depth college admissions assistance, consider bringing in Walker College Consultants to put on a workshop or bootcamp at your location. Our customized workshops and bootcamps can run from two hours to two days – contact us to learn more about your options.

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    Walker College Consultants is highly sought after for our work in the community. Our passion is informing area students and families that a college education is within reach for everyone, regardless of background. We work with schools, churches, and community organizations to provide information sessions on various topics related to college admissions.

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